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A playful tune performed with percussion

for kids of all ages:  Eat Some Vegetables


Video: Brian Shell plays Eat Some Vegetables Live at The Ark

It's also a 3:46 minute song on iTunes, Amazon, etc.


Enjoy its 2012 "a cappella" YouTube video

Brian Shell explains Eat Some Vegetables and its film references - 9:00 video



Elvis t-shirt from Mom! Brian performs percussion on a kitchen sink at The Ark in Ann Arbor - January 2019


Student Study Cave - A Guide to Get Great Grades - Kindle


Print Version Student Study Cave


Create conducive surroundings and enable yourself to earn an excellent education.  That's what this book is about... becoming your own best version of yourself.  Be who you truly can be.  This book aims to help you learn how. 


It provides tips and tricks to bring home straight-A report cards so the college scholarships can roll right in.


Make scholastic achievement a consistently repeatable priority in school… and in life. 


Build a happy space study space today.


It’s like a man-cave… for students.



Welcome!  You've reached Brian Shell's PassionHero.com


Brian's new book: 100 Names of Cats and Dogs

Check out Mr. Shell's 30 second drumming demo

Drum Circles is his new CD with 50 minutes of music

View Brian's bibiliography: www.amazon.com/author/brianshell


A PassionHero is an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances who exudes a

passion for life even amidst great odds and tries to make the lives of those surrounding them

a better place because they're in it... as true nobility is being superior to your former self.


Eat Some Vegetables is a fun children's mp3 song of percussion performed and sung by Mr. Shell.


Mr. Shell's 160+ YouTube videos: www.youtube.com/user/passionherodotcom


His business career profile on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/briankshell


Released September 20th, 2018


Drum Circles


This audio CD contains 50 minutes of music 

with 12 tracks that include a New Year's Eve drum circle

so the songs intensify as the evening advances towards midnight. 


Released July 17, 2018


100 Names of Cats and Dogs is available for Kindle.

It is also available as a paperback book.


As it suggests, there may be nothing that a 

puppy licking your face can't cure.


It surveys pet owners, their pet names, and

some of the stories that make their pets special.





From Student to Engineer   


This textbook creates a college course that presents "The Journey of the Engineer."

Weekly topics include undergrad, graduate work, teaching, intellectual property,

money concerns, corporate engineering, mid-sized firms, & start-ups.


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0196XBM3U - Kindle eBook


NOOK eBook version


FSTE Paperback book

Brian's cafe collage in Venice Beach, CA 1999
Satellite antennas Brian Shell helped design as an electrical engineer in Los Angeles
Fly-eye adaptive-optics 163-element antennas, plus a 9-element global antenna
Dual parabolic antennas tested & tuned by Brian Shell

Click the cover collage below for the book bibliography of Brian Shell:

Location where Mr. Shell's writing career truly began with a Lake Huron view.


366 daily inspirations targeted towards single mothers.


The original manuscript for this book was hand-written in a day journal

so the length of page kept each day's inspiration concise.

It was a romantic way to write it by candleight.


Paperback version of Single Mom Daily Devotions

Kindle version of Single Mom Daily Devotions


This is the book that began it all for Brian...

...it was his first one published.

 Dessert First Diet  


Savor the food you crave the most when you are hungriest

so it tastes best and then get back to work eating right.

Ultimately, it hopes to help you realize any meal's 

dietary point of nutrional dimishing returns.




DFD Paperback book



Cubicle Cardio


Instead of one 60-minute workout, consider 60 1-minute workouts.

This exercise philosophy keeps your metabolism's

windmill spinning throughout the day. 


CC Kindle eBook


CC Paperback book



Daily Common Cents 


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015G2AZ5G - Kindle eBook


366 daily inspirations which present tips and tricks to make your $$$ last longer


This book's manuscript was hand-written in a day-journal to

keep each daily inspiration concise.


DCC Paperback book



Crossing through Career Crossroads


Re-calibrate to re-appreciate the crossroads Life

tends to send along the path of least regret.


Engineer a Path to Your Destiny and Avoid 

Living a Life of Quiet Desperation


CtCC Paperback book


Gratitide Miles - 8000 Miles of Gratitude


This roadtrip Kindle eBook show appreciation and gives gratitude to many past mentors. 

It's my own private Idaho version of "Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance."


The road is there.  The will was there. 

All ya gotta do is get in a car and go.



GM Paperback book



Attack of the Electronic Dust Bunnies


A.I. plays the part of an electronic trickster in this sci-fi novella,

and "It" randomly starts to pull the plug on

electricity and the internet.


AotEDB Paperback book



Making a Masterpiece


It contains all the film pre-production preparations Mr. Shell made for

his "Distortions" script which shows our inner truth in the mirror's reflection.


MaM Kindle eBook


3-way mirror at Frank Lloyd Wright's Affleck House



(supernatural suspense drama screenplay

that started it all for Brian on July 9, 1995)


It places a supernatural entity in mirrors that shows us our inner truth

in the mirror's reflection when we are at a crossroads and

need a subtle sign to change to be our destined True Self.

 Kindle eBook




Published eBook cover design from a drawing Mr. Shell drew for

his supernatural suspense drama - Distortions


Logline:  A guiding ghost uses mirrors as a portal to offer inner honesty via

scary reflections and shared experience to confirm its true intent & reality.




Shastras – Received Wisdom about Right Conduct


Set inside a House of Mirrors, 4 people represent

Pride, Anger, Grief, and Love in this stage play on Serendipity.


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004CYF4ME - Kindle eBook






This film script depicts odd-couple brothers who take a one-last-look roadtrip 

cross-country for a critical but experimental bone marrow procedure


It's similar to the road-trip movie "Sideways"...

only with younger men and weed instead of wine.




The Sexuality of Synergy 


A streamofconsciousness book about the muse and

sexual components that often fuel its creative inspirations.


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C1P39H8 - Kindle eBook


tSoS Paperback book



Texas Hold’em Tournament Tactics 


Tips & tricks Mr. Shell used to win numerous poker tournaments.

It strictly covers the changing strategies of tournament play. 


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004D4Y672 - Kindle eBook


NOOK eBook version



Start My Heart Art


A photo eBook of all the art Brian Shell created with flavorful details

and colorful commentary about the origin and inspiration for each piece. 



Oprah and I 


Captures the quintessence of how meeting Oprah Winfrey gives

the guts to become a writer... set in 1994 Los Angeles.








Single Mom Soul – Spring


Kindle eBook of daily inspirations for the single mother 

just as Spring begins to sing & bloom.


99 cent Kindle eBook




Single Mom Soul - Summer


This Kindle eBook delivers daily inspirations to

Savor those dreaded triple-dog-dare-ya days of Summer.


99 cent Kindle eBook




Single Mom Soul – Autumn


Inspires you daily for the full & fun season of Fall.


99 cent Kindle eBook




Single Mom Soul - Winter


Daily wintertime inspirations help keep you warm as a Kindle eBook. 


99 cent Kindle eBook





American Romance


Arranged-marriage love-triangle romcom movie script set in

Ann Arbor, Michigan and Patna, India...

which pays tribute to Ann Arbor's Faz Husain


This is the Hollywood version of my Bollywood "Here & There" ebook.


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004ELAQ5A - Kindle eBook





Here & There


Bollywood/Hollywood romcom bounces its

best-of-both-worlds dilemma between India & Detroit.


This is a Bollywood alternate-ending version of the "American Romance" film script.


A Juxtaposition of Idiosyncrasies 


It's a stream-of-consciousness autobiographical assembly of Brian's

assorted silly life stories, toasted trivial tidbits, and other pure drivel by B.S.


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004D4Y63G - Kindle eBook




Pre-Celebrity Jesus - The Man before the Messiah 


Written after the "22 Short Stories about Teenage Jesus" screenplay,

this book ponders and hypothesizes possible scenarios Jesus Christ may have lived

during his unknown years in order to proclaim his gospel parables years later.



https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004D4Y66S - Kindle eBook





Mind Games   


An idyllic visionquest to become a Hollywood director soon turns into

a knight's quest to test his sanity in this LA cuckoo's nest of a screenplay. 



https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004EYUHP6 - Kindle eBook




Teenage Jesus


Film script of 22 shorts stories that explores Jesus Christ's unknown teenage years.

Each one acts as a "circle of illumination" to different facets of Christ's youth.


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004CYF4JW - Kindle eBook




A Prodigal Son Returns


This victim's return-to-faith journey begins after a priest's

unsolicited act precipitates a personal fall from grace.


APSR Paperback book



The Chip


This edgy short film script satirizes future femto-physics for

electronic picochips and biochip implantation. 


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006GEPUW2 - Kindle eBook



Facebook Diaries


Jumping aboard the social media bandwagon,

this 2010 journal captures new-user fb first-impressions.








Love Poems 


Inspired by Dead Poets Society, these poems once tried to woo women

with well written words, rhyme, and verse.


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006OP40WO - Kindle eBook 


NOOK eBook version



All Men Are Dogs 


Uses sophomoricly-snarky shoot-from-the-hip writing

styles that savor one-liner salty guy-humor.


(Not for the mamby-pamby or blushingly bashful... )


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007Y74NQO - Kindle eBook





Published version of the cover for "All Men Are Dogs"

and its snarky stream-of-consciousness one-liner jokes.



Brian's boardwalk mural in Venice Beach, CA where he got called "Picasso" daily.
Queensryche drumset for the "Promised Land" tour
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